Test Name

Medical Management Panel (PGX)

CPT Code(s)

Cyp2c19 Gene Analysis – 81225
Cyp2d6 Gene Analysis – 81226
Cyp2c9 Gene Analysis – 81227

Specimen Type

Buccal Swab

Specimen Acceptability

1 week Room Temperature

Special Instructions

  • Open the Swab tube from the opposite end of the swab tip. Pull the swab out of the tube package. It’s important that you don’t touch the end of the swab stick so you don’t spread any of your DNA there.
  • Place the swab tip in your mouth and rub the side of your inner cheek for 60 seconds.
  • Air dry the swab for 30 seconds. Place the swab back into the tub and screw the cap onto the tube.


1 swabs

Sample Container

Sample Tube

Testing Location and TAT* after receipts

CDR Labs
3-5 Business Days


Buccal Swab Collections Instructions 139.48 KB 52 downloads