Test Name

Vitamin B12

Specimen Type & Acceptability

7 days refrigerated.

General Use

Detect B12 deficiency as in pernicious anemia, folic acid deficiency, diagnose macrocytic anemia, diagnose megaloblastic anemia, evaluate alcoholism, prenatal care, evaluate malabsorption, neurological disorders, or the elevation of B12 seen in liver disease or myeloid leukemia.

CPT Code(s)


Special Instructions

Let clot for 10-20 minutes. After the sample is fully clotted, centrifuge the sample. Verify complete separation of cells and serum. Protect from light and refrigerate.

Container/Tube Type


0.5 mL Min. vol. = 100 ul

Suggested Tube Types


Typical Volume

Gold Top Serum Separator Tube (SST)

⋜ 5 mL

Tiger Top Serum Separator Tube (SST)
^For larger volume tests

> 5 mL

Red Top Tube (No additive)

⋜ 5 mL

EDTA Whole Blood

3 mL

3.2 % Sodium Citrate Whole Blood

2.7 mL

Lithium Heparin Plasma Separator Tube

⋜ 5 mL