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Pathogen Testing

Using molecular pathogen testing, CDR Labs can help accurately identify the pathogen behind an infection or illness, as well as its ability to evade treatment. Equipped with this information, the optimal treatment for an individual patient can be narrowed down.
  • Wound Panel
  • Nail
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • UTI
  • Parainfluenza
  • Flu A/B/RSV
  • Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis
  • Adenovirus/HMPV/RV


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The Company’s Personal Health Panel addresses the needs of patients suffering from genital, gastrointestinal, and wound infections.
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Individual Health Panel Highlights:

GEN-Test focuses on women’s health, specifically STD’s and vaginal infections. A single swab can provide up to 20 different results.

GPP (gastrointestinal pathogen panel) detects and identifies bacterial, viral, and parasitic pathogens responsible for more than 90% of cases of infectious diarrhea.

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