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What is a Patient Service Center?

A Patient Service Center is a place where patients can have their samples collected for biometric screening. The samples you provide get sent to the laboratory to be processed. PSCs can also be utilized for other healthcare collection needs like physician-ordered testing, drug testing, and more.

What is a biometric screening?

A biometric screening is a way for an individual to get a comprehensive picture of their overall health through laboratory testing and measurement collection. Patients with health risks can identify them through biometric screening, giving them a chance to improve their health before the risks become a problem.
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Why should you visit our Patient Service Center?

Ease of access

Scheduling an appointment is hassle-free, but if you need to come on short notice, walk-ins are welcome.

Fast results

CDR Lab’s Patient Service Center is located right above the laboratory, so getting your results will be faster than ever. Patients can get their samples collected and their lab results on the same day.

Capped out-of-pocket costs

At CDR Labs, the experience of our patients comes first, that’s why our patient-centered billing policy ensures that all patients have a max out-of-pocket cost of $90 for testing options for out-of-network plans.

Minimum wait times

We value your time, so at our PSCs we will make your whole experience as fast as possible so you can get your results as early as you can.

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Fast Test Results
Every minute counts in diagnostic testing. We pride ourselves on providing faster turnaround on results.
Advanced technology
Successful testing requires good science. Our testing technology is the most effective and accurate on the market.
Patient-centered billing policies to ensure access to high-quality care and affordable diagnostics.