Personalized Medicine Testing

CDR Labs combines advancements in molecular diagnostics and drug discovery science into actionable patient-centered diagnostics to help physicians determine the most appropriate treatment regimen for each patient.

Through pharmacogenomic testing, physicians can target illness and disease in a way that reduces the chance of adverse effects and improves therapeutic outcomes. CDR Labs offers fast and accurate genetic medication-response testing to target treatments to only the best-suited medications for an individual.


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PGx, or pharmacogenomics, is the study of how a person’s genes affect their reaction to various medications. This includes research on how well someone can digest substances and the chance that a medication will be effective or have negative side effects. The goal of pharmacogenomics is to create personalized medicine, where each patient is treated according to their own individual characteristics
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Pharmacogenomics (PGx) at CDR Labs

Pharmacogenomic testing (PGx) can provide personalized drug response information for approximately 90%-95% of all prescription drugs. Unlike competitors who focus on provider specialties (e.g. cardiac, psychiatry, etc.), CDR Labs has broken the barrier to access across all specialties through its ability to provide a complete patient medication profile to providers. This gives all providers the maximum benefit of pharmacogenomic technology regardless of their specialty.

Our extensive portfolio of PGx panels distinguishes CDR Labs as the only lab offering wide-ranging, appropriate assays to physicians in partnership with GenXys as the leader in PGx pharmacology interpretation.

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Minimizing risk and maximizing the chances of successful treatment

Pharmacogenomic testing is designed to facilitate treatment by eliminating drugs that are unlikely to be effective without having to go through trial-and-error. This information empowers physicians and their patients to make more informed treatment choices, leading to better health outcomes.

Since all individuals have unique genetic makeup and metabolize drugs differently, CDR Labs is committed to expanding the possibilities of personalized medicine through pharmacogenomic testing. By taking the guesswork out of prescription decisions, pharmacogenomics improves therapeutic effectiveness and long-term health.

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