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Wellness Testing

At CDR Labs, we believe that patients and physicians taking a more active role in disease prevention for themselves and their loved ones is essential. This is why we prioritize increased awareness and knowledge of crucial health indicators, as well as clear communication with providers about preventative medicine and regular health screenings. We know that this leads to improved health and an extended lifespan. Better health care starts with better communication.

Personal health literacy refers to the ability to understand and make use of health information to take action to improve one’s health. This includes being able to communicate effectively with healthcare providers. At CDR Labs, we provide our patients with comprehensive testing panels to help them make informed decisions about their health.


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Routine testing, even if you don’t have symptoms, aids in early detection of problems, easier and more effective treatment, and improved health outcomes. Sometimes, it can even prevent disease. While it’s easy to take for granted our accessibility to these tests, it’s important to remember that knowledge is power; the power to control your health.

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